anlagenbau für Bremen und Niedersachsen

Consulting, engineering and plant construction in Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein and North-Rhine Westphalia.


We apply our expert knowledge and our practical experience to the planning and implementation of your process production plant.

Mechanical process engineering

  • Bulk material technology
  • Storage, feeding and dosage of solid matter (e.g. silos for solid matter, big bag handling, pneumatic feed systems etc.)
  • Separation of solid matter and liquids
  • Liquid filtration processes (sand and multi-layer filters, bag filters and filter candles)
  • Membrane processes (micro, ultra and nano filtration as well as reverse osmosis (RO))
  • Screening and grading
  • Thickening, decantation
  • Stirring, mixing, kneading, dispersing
  • Centrifuge processes
  • Sedimentation processes
  • Milling processes
  • Agglomeration and granulation