Basic and detail engineering

Based on pre-planning during the pre-engineering phase, the basic and detailed engineering phases now involve specifying, calculating, selecting, designing, drawing, describing and documenting all the details related to the implementation of the plant.

Depending on the type of project and the industry, the engineering phases include, for example, the following work

  • Determining the process-related basic data
  • Process design and planning
  • Recording the quality and quantity of all supply and disposal systems
  • Calculating and specifying the material flows, calculating the masses and energy balances for the energy consumers
  • Component engineering, component specification, plant project planning and apparatus dimensioning, equipment specifications
  • Creating the schematic flow diagrams (block flow diagrams) and process flow diagrams
  • Creating all P&I diagrams with detailed information
  • Creating detailed component lists (tanks, apparatus, fittings, instrumentation and control engineering components)
  • Identifying investment costs and running costs
  • Scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Drawing up performance specifications
  • Drawing up a functional description of the process
  • Creating an emission source list
  • Carrying out safety analyses
  • Creating all the required official approval documents