Two GCEA employees record the documentation on the computer


We record your data with state-of-the-art software and specific knowledge – so that it can be used just as it is needed to implement your project and for official approval processes.

Clear and target-oriented documentation Documentation of all project-relevant data

Good documentation helps to ensure that information is easily available, promotes understanding and helps those involved to achieve their goals.

We draw up or revise existing documents for you:

  • Documentation at the end of each engineering phase pre-planning, basic engineering, approval engineering and detail engineering (schematic flow diagrams, process flow diagrams, P&I diagrams, component lists, 2D and/or 3D layout of process plant, piping documentation, OEM tenders, project timeline and project cost calculation, etc.)
  • Structural steel engineering for external structural analysis
  • Structural analysis of piping
  • Explosion protection documentation with explosion zone designation etc.
  • Technical plant documentation
  • Qualification and validation documents (e.g. test schedules and reports on DQ, IQ and OQ)
  • Applications and amendment notifications in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)
  • Registers of official approval documents and governmental constraints
  • Maintenance and repair schedules
  • Process and plant engineering site standards
  • Site layouts with supply media etc.
  • Site layouts with integrated process plant equipment layouts
  • Site plans, such as fire defence diagrams, fire protection plans, emergency rescue plans