Model of new boiler house


The tasks have been defined in the pre-engineering phase. Now, planning is carried out in the basic engineering and detailed engineering project phases.

Precision in plant engineering Engineering services with perfection

Your project “comes to life” in the basic engineering and detailed engineering phases. The tasks defined during pre-planning are now developed in detail and implemented. Furthermore, the individual components are defined and installation of the plant is prepared.

In this engineering phase, the individual engineering disciplines and the tradespeople who will carry out the work are precisely coordinated. From many years of experience, we are aware that saving time and money during the basic and detailed engineering phases runs the risk that the interfaces between the individual disciplines and the tradespeople will not work or do not exist at all. This may result in very costly surprises during the plant construction phase.

In order that your plant project is implemented exactly to plan, our experts will be there to support you reliably and with their extensive specialist knowledge as well as their many years of experience throughout every phase – from planning to implementation.

At this stage, we help you to optimize workflows at an early stage, which leads to long-term savings.