Two GCEA employees talk about the projects

Example Projects

Every project is unique – and so are our solutions. We implement your plant construction needs with tailor-made strategies.

High flexibility in the approach Diverse approaches for unique projects

  • EPC/EPCM projects (main contractor or main planner)
    • Detailed planning (engineering), component sourcing management (procurement) as well as monitoring the construction and assembly work (construction management) for entire production sites with storage tanks, all other process components and supply equipment, pipeline construction, cabling construction, ventilation construction etc.
    • EPCM subprojects for new production sites (storage tanks only, just one of several types of process plant, cooling water supply only etc.)
  • FEED/PPP projects (main planner without production of the plant component)
    • Creating detailed engineering documents prior to the project (pre-project planning), through to detailed 3D models of the production sites and pre-production documents. Consultation services as required during the implementation phase (procurement and construction management).

Sites with ongoing production

On your behalf, we develop customer and industry-specific project solutions for your production site. In the fields of consulting, engineering and/or plant construction, we usually perform the following activities:

  • Creating increased production capacity
  • Introducing new production processes or changing how existing plants are used
  • Relocating production capacities and/or modernising production plants
  • Process and plant optimisation with the aim of reducing production costs and increasing plant efficiency
    • To increase product yield
    • To save raw materials and energy
    • To reduce running costs
    • To comply with general statutory stipulations and guidelines
      (e.g. by defining environmental protection measures and occupational safety measures in accordance with the German VbF, BetrSichV, VawS, WHG and BImSchG regulations)
    • To increase the operating reliability of the plant
    • By means of the automation of existing process plants
    • While simultaneously keeping production running