anlagenbau für Bremen und Niedersachsen

Consulting, engineering and plant construction in Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Schleswig-Holstein and North-Rhine Westphalia.


We develop process plants for our customers from the chemical, mineral oil, pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, paper, water management and disposal industries. 

Our customers’ industries

We have customers in a wide variety of industries in the manufacturing trade and processing sector, including the following areas

  • Chemical industry

    • Paints and varnishes
    • Organic oils and fats
    • Waxes, catalysts
    • Separating agents
    • Plastics
    • Adhesives
    • Fertiliser
    • etc.

  • Petrochemical industry

    • Industrial oils and lubricants, mineral oil fuels, biofuels, sealants, bitumen etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  •  Production of medicines, health care products, sanitary products and cosmetics, active ingredient production etc.
  • Beverages and alcohol/tobacco industry
  • Coffee, beer, spirits, fruit juices, tobacco etc.

  • Food industry & dairies

    • Dairy products, delicatessen products, baked goods, marmalades and jams, meat and sausage products, cereals etc.

  • Animal feed and pet food industry

    • Wet food
    • Dry food

  • Paper industry
  • Water and waste water management

    • Municipal drinking water treatment and supply, industrial waste water purification
    • Process and industrial water treatment, condensed water treatment etc.

  • Waste and waste disposal industry
  • Energy supply

    • Heat transfer oil plants and systems
    • Boiler plants and systems